Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patra Series II - Yentraa Patra

Patra likes having casual encounters with cheery anglo saxons. They talk the same language as us, and believe me,that is a LOT in common. Sometimes the anglo saxons turn out to be not quite that pedigree and have their lineage in the subcontinent. When these anglicized Indians meet Patra a lot of feelings bubble up within them and overflow in a giant volcano. In short, a UK desi said something to Patra.....

UK desi( beaming smile, approaches Patra ) : "Telegu aaaaa ???"
( hand over my mouth )
( cannot suppress laughter )
me: "Hohoho...!!!!! Hahahahaa....!!!!!"
( Pale white Patra )
( Still smiling UK desi )

Our wing is finally complete in all cultural diversity. Our very own Gult.


mAdMan said...

Qu'est-ce RAA subhodeep (uu), vous insulte mon pays du telugu? Je vais vous tuer ... coup de pied votre âne.

Nous pourrions être une plaie de l'infection par les établissements d'enseignement, mais un jour nous conquérir. Ce jour-là, le monde avant nous et l'usure des chemises de couleur orange vif avec pyjama rose pâle. Ce jour-là, vous le regretterez vous les mots et les actes.

All Hail la terre de telugu.
Vive la révolution.

Kolor said...

I knew u'd feel violated. Don't worry the first time is always difficult. But you know what they say, "You never forget your first time"

Kolor said...

@ madan
and by the way everybody has google translate...

不要以为你可以脱身,使阴险的评论.. !

Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

hehehe :D
ur half-gult subho :P all ur life somewhere down there :P

Kolor said...

arent u nicknamed gult in your college... dont make me start...