Thursday, June 12, 2008


Majestic creatures should roam free. They command a respect that we humans are only obliged to fulfill. One look at this melancholy polar bear broke my heart. Looking at the world from behind a glass window begging to be taken away. All the little kids with their mums and dads pass by on the other side of the glass window. All he wants is a family that he can call his own. Not too much to ask for is it ?
A simple family ... that's all. Please take him away.


Adidas said...

I'm a total total animal fan, so I really feel for them...
I am far from a philanthropist...the damn parasites that humans are!

Kolor said...

@ adidas....

i tell u the bear was so adorable. It may be good business for the shopkeeper though.

saurabh said...
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Anonymous said...

And Subhodeep, did you give the bear a family.
Well, interesting blog indeed.
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3) and about you blogging style, I like the short and crisp posts with matching photographs, especially the tiger's eye. But I felt the post s demanding the reader to complete it, in his own perspective.
4) and these are just my suggestions, and NOT ADVICE. So take it or drop with, and i have meant no harms through this comment.
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Kolor said...

@ Jithin..


Thanks for your valuable input. I'll try incorporating some of the suggestions you made. It's good to know that you're a fellow NITTian( i took the liberty of reading your profile)

regarding your comment..

1. I'm sort of new to blogging. started less than a month ago. Right now I'm pretty satisfied with blogspot. I'll shift to wordpress if it gets too much of a pain.

2. Avec adresse = With great skill

3. That's a very good observation actually. I was trying to be subtle about it. But you have it dot on.

4. :)

5. I'll put the Rss feed soon...

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