Thursday, June 26, 2008

Patra Series I - The smelly socks affair

Walking around for days without taking off your shoes does tend to make your feet a bit smelly. Well our man Patra did something extraordinary that is well worth a blog. There are many places where you can remove your shoes like for eg on a park bench, by the river side or in the comfort of your private quarters. A German AC bus is not one of them.
I don't kniw whether it was a pact or not but Patra and the Italian next to him decide to De-Apparel( no better phrase, sorry )at the same time. Well you can imagine what happened next. Billions of billions of molecules started bouncing around the bus in perfect elastic collisions carrying with them the aroma of all the places to where patra had been. That it was an AC bus ensured that not a single fellow was lost. Then, things got a little out of hand.
The bus driver stopped the bus.
He got off his seat.
Walked in the direction of Patra.
Sniffed around.
Shouted at the Italian.
Turned the AC on full blow.
Walked back.
Everyone stared at the Italian scornfully.

One thing is for sure. Our bhagvan ji ki darshan is certainly paying off...


saurabh said...

hahahahahahahhaaha..... :-)
i remember me sleeping topless in the 2nd year in the horizontal laughing buddha pose and everyone in the room gettin blessed with my armpit aroma(including you shubhodeep :-) )..
too bad it used to be terribly terribly hot.. almost unberable.. with no room for more discomfort, especially of the aromatic kind...
let me emphasize.. there was no AC.. hehe..

Kolor said...

yes basu we are aware of what happens when you take off your bra. :D :D

mAdMan said...

Vintage Patra... now see that's discrimination, according to driver anna, it could've been patra.

So much for coming from a country shaped like a (stinky) shoe.

Kolor said...

@ madan
hahahaha.... maybe i should retitle the blog as 'pungent awakening'

Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

hahahaha!!!!! godgiri man :D gr8 story :D 4 of us did tht on an AVE train, the ppl in front just DIED :D (we were in the last row :D)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... All hail Patra!

Kolor said...

@ murali

Yeah Patra is certainly a legend..!!!