Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Sentimentalism has never taken the human race far. Hard decisions needed to be made and they were made. It's a jungle out there and you better have your animal instincts right. Fight if you can or better still run. Facing it head on is the noble thing to do. That's what everybody will tell you do. But when it stands in front of you. Looking at you with a cold gleam in its eyes. Not snarling. Just watching you. Whom are you kidding ??


saurabh said...

nice blog.. says the truth in an interesting manner..
but apart from it, i was also interested in the 'eye of the tiger'..
dont understand??
take a close look..
not kidding.. lots of thngs there in the reflection..

Kolor said...

some truth that is ... !!!

about the eye. it does look like something is reflecting off it. cant make out what though.
u have any clues ?

Adidas said...

yes it's scary. bloody scary.

Kolor said...

mortally so...