Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Great Escape

Dare to escape ?
Well this was no ordinary penitentiary. It was the infamous dachau concentartion camp. Probably not as infamous as its bigger cousin, Auschwitz, where they mercilessly gassed thousands of jews, gypsies and commmies alike. Dachau was all ready to do murder enmasse but the Americans arrived in time.

So, how does one escape from this facility. Well you needed the standard escape kit.
Contents of the kit.
1. Compelling reason to escape - Life vs Death ..
2. Daring plan - digging underground tunnels perhaps
3. some strength - if you could steal a few breads from ur fellow jew
4. Whole lot of guts - definitely

So, doesnt sound very difficult. But NO. Only ONE guy escaped..!!!! and that too during the initial years of the camp around 1933.
You were broken down mentally, physically and emotionally at Dachau.

So your dreams of a Great Escape would remain as dreams.


saurabh said...

ore baba.. shunai jano mone ta kirakhum korche.. debjyoti bada hole bolto "pheteche to pheteche to" with his nasty grin..

Kolor said...

@ basu
hahahahaha .... :) :)
dont worry prisoner's dilemma II will arrive soon ... !!

Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

seriously, wonder if germans+jews knew game theory...

might not have had to work for freedom then :P

Kolor said...

jokes apart... its seriously appalling that such a thing could happen in the 20th century.