Friday, July 18, 2008

The Vin Chaude experiment

My trip to Chamonix(French Alps) was simply out of this world. The snow white mountains, the beautiful valley shall forever remain etched in my heart and mind. The mountains can be very chilly(snow cover) and once you come down into the valley, you feel like having something that'll warm ur senses. One of my good friends had suggested that I try vin chaude(Hot wine). It was certainly an experiment cuz I've never had anything like it. Everything till now had been served chilled or at most at room temperature.

It arrived in a goblet, looking no different from normal wine. Until I saw all that was in it. A variety of exotic spices and cardamom sticks hung about in it. It was hot to touch. And the smell it emanated... ummmm.... I suggest if any of you ever go to Chamonix in ur lifetime, don't forget to seal it with a Vin chaude.

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Ashish said...

hmm.. bring back some please :)