Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodbye France... I love you

Well my journey has come to an end. It is time for hugs and goodbyes. I am supremely sad to be leaving. Wish I could have stayed on for some more time. In the short duration that I was here, I really have fallen in love with France. The life, the culture and the people shall forever remain with me. I know I have many more places to go, many more things to see, more people to meet, but I am sure that this place has touched me like none other. Even if I come back to France later in my life, things will not be the same. I will have different needs and expectations. Well, it won't be the same. Maybe it was meant to be just a dreamtrip. A dream that I will forever cherish. It is now time to wake up.
Goodbye France. Au Revoir.

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Ya, I Am A Dastard said...

hahahaha! :D
god pic :D

duuuuuude thank me a little for ur france trip n travels ;) a littttttle ;)