Friday, July 18, 2008

Patra Series III - Kela Power

It was the night before 'fete de la Musique'(Festival of Music) and the next day promised many great adventures.

22:00 hours : I rushed out off the Paris metro to rendezvous with Patra at the Eiffel Tower, who had promised to meet me there in great urgence.

22:10 hours : I was right under the Eiffel waiting for our man Patra to turn up, but to no avail.

22:20 hours : Made some frantic missed calls to Patra( I had 30 cents on my phone )

22:30 hours : A message arrives from Patra saying that he is on the Metro.

22:30:30 hours : I get frust. Y the f*** did he make me run all the way here?

23:00 hours : I decide I've had enough of sitting under a giant four legged erect male organ. I go for a walk around the park.

23:30 hours : I stroll back peacefully to find Patra standing at the designated spot, smiling contently. His reason for being late. "Arre I went to eat dosas at Gare du Nord(Paris India Town)". Something shrieked very hard inside me. It wanted to shout things like - "***tirade of adult curses*** Dosas ????? I have been standing here and waiting all this while for you and you've been eating Dosas???? ***tirade of adult curses*** .. !!! ", but since I'm so good natured, all that came out was "I see"

23:32 hours : We decide to climb up the eiffel tower(by foot) and stand in one of the many long lines.

00:10 hours : We reach the head of the queue and a big black guard looks at us rather sheepishly. "Open your bags please", the monster bellows. I timidly show him all my earthly possessions lest he bark at me again. Now his attention turns to Patra. "Open your bags please", the monster bellows yet again. Well fed Patra smiles and with an air of cool confidence opens his bag. The incredible hulk rummages through it, and suddenly lets out something like a giggle. Patra and I snatch a puzzled glance at each other. The giggle turns into a roaring guffaw. Mr Titan finally looks at Patra and lays bare the mystery "Ooooohhhh.... Banana.. HAHA HAHA HAHA". What he actually meant by that was "Kele khaane waale bachcho... tum kya terrorism karo ge" ... :D :D

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