Friday, March 19, 2010

It dudnt matter

One of the major headaches in statistical theory is what to do if your sample is too small. Really statistics is all about lots of numbers. In essence, statistics is damn good at predicting what the herd would do but extremely inaccurate when it comes to the individual.

So here is a thought for all self respecting flocks out there. Please do not burden your opinions on others, or think that the world hinges around your very existence,or for that matter whether your twitter message says if you pooped today or not. It dudnt matter..! It dudnt matter if you eat organic or if you buy cosmetics that haven't been tested on animals. It dudnt matter if you chose Mac over PC, it dudnt matter. Yes, it dudnt. There are far greater forces in motion in this world, that will render your say absolutely worthless.

Yes, stop wasting time, feeling too important.


Dishman said...

Haven't read your posts in a while till i saw the update today.. Whats with the anti twitter angst. What's the story behin DUDn't? And the captcha word I got with this comment was hilarious.

Kolor said...

Hey Dish

What's the story DUDn't ? Too many people ODing on fb/twitter nowadays, yeah ? Call me old school, but people never had these earlier and I don't remember them being too unhappy as well.