Thursday, January 14, 2010

A warmer day

As the snow melts around me, I feel a sense of loss. Like something beautiful, something pristine, is leaving this world. But somewhere at the back of my mind,I know that the cycle will repeat and the snow will all come back. I find that this devastating beauty is exceeded only by its harshness .Somehow, it makes the human spirit stronger, firmer and more willing. In Neitzsche like thinking, the winter acts like a bridge between and 'man' and 'ubermansch'. But there is no guarantee in this and one can very easily become lazy and fearful of the cold, refusing to stray out of the heated interiors. It is like a big ball on the very tip of a hill. It can go either way, to ubermansch or to sloth. It just needs a small push.

P.S. I dont know why I wrote this. The cold is getting to me.


Sameen Borker said...

:) Beautiful

Fenix said...

The cold is getting to me as well. Your blog captured me.