Saturday, April 17, 2010

The importance of good health

Health really is wealth. I mean literally. Those who have had the fortune of having to go through the US healthcare system will know what I am talking about. Even back home in India things are not so much different. The quality of medical care seems to be rapidly segregating into those who can afford big checks and those who can't. So yes, health is wealth. It's a good maxim to remember.

Most of my friends and those of my age suffer from arrogance. Arrogance of the youth. We believe that nothing can stop of us. We are young, life is good and everything is hunky dory. Smoking, drinking and eating junk does not affect us. How can it ? after all we are young. Only those weird uncle types with balding hair and flabby skin are the ones who have all these problems. so let's make merry while it lasts. After all we are young.

To your good health..!

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