Thursday, May 15, 2008

QWERTY vs Francais

So, I have bravely entered the world of blogging. All hail the conquistador.. :P

In order to achieve this fair task I had to overcome many challenges. Sleep being one of the dampers. BUT none could ever come even mildly close to the .. to the... my GOD, I am petrified, mortified even stupefied to utter the Terror. So be afraid, be very afraid...!!!!! of the much feared.... "FRANCAIS KEYBOARD"...!!!!!

Huh?? what the hell is that?

Was this your reaction ?

well if it was consider yourself lucky... but dont be too sure of yourselves yet. You never know when it might unleash its deadly wrath on you.

For convenience and also so as to not inadvertantly spook you I will refer to the above mentioned trepidation as "FK" .Yes, it haunts me in my dreams as well. It comes alive with scary appendages and slime gills. I think it is better if I personify it.

I remember my first encounter with FK. She was sitting there ever so coyly, one might even say flirtatiously( she's french ), egging me on to come closer, closer, ya even closer. To touch her, to feel her, to run my fingers over her ebony skin. and then with my middle finger of my left hand at 14:00 hours GMT on 5th May 2008, I DID IT............

FK recoiled with her fangs bared...!!!

Aaaahhhhhh...!!!! What happened to A ????????? where is Q ??????? Oh my god where the hell is everything????

My world spun around me for a moment and my mind started racing. Is this a random permutation of the keys on the keyboard? if so what pseudo random number generator was used ? what are the total number of permutations that can exist? what is the probability? is it like one of CAT shock interviews with my prof watching ? Is it this... ? Is it that .... ? Vous Parles l'anglais ? NITT sux.. ? ... ? ... ? STOP STOP, I had to calm down ... !!!

many eons passed before I regained my senses.. and she was still sitting there with her sexy smile.

Here is a schematic of what exactly happened in contrast with what was supposed to happen...

and this has continued ever since..
Battles have been waged over 1234567890, @, !, % , ( ) and I can claim to have won some of them...
But I must say the war is far from over ...
My friends in their good faith have advised me to switch to QWERTY ...

But, as she sits there looking at me ever so shyly, I must say her smile does something to me.... ;)

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Adidas said...

hehehe :D had the same problem last yr :) but i just remugged the keyboard and soon i was fast again ;) (with interspersed curses when i forgot!) this yr, luckily, i have a good ol' qwerty :D