Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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An on-request blog... so it'll be quick, short, dirty and stinky...!!!

Our protagonist, call him Babel has a habit for translating things. He does so by eating frequencies from one language and excreting frequencies in another. Be it french, Swahili or Plutonium; babel is the man.So one day babel realised that too many people were free riding his skills. That is the day babel decided to charge for his services. And charge did he at the intergalactic rate of 1€/word translated. Babel was scared that people would cheat him so the only solution was to collect the money himself. He invented the simple system of insert here and translate. But where to insert?? The story so far has been quick and short, here is where it gets dirty and stinky.

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saurabh said...

hahahahahaha... :-)
I feel like passing one of those disgusting comments which i often do in Emerald top floor(in front of room 104 to be more precise) and Shuubhodeep and Debjyoti(bong who calls 'fertilizer' 'faaartilzer')cover their ears and beg for mercy..
Ah.. chuck it.
Lets not spoil the commentless neat wall with cow d..