Friday, May 16, 2008


Out on a leg, bootlegging ???
Well that was our plan for friday night. The party starts late in this part of the world. So we start out just before midnight dressed in our finest attire and armed with all the promise that we could muster. Guiding us newbies is Kamaldeep bhaiyya, the very wizened one. Nevertheless, the Bretagne weather does not give two hoots about our nightly prowling schemes. It had rained sometime back and it looks like the heavens might burst anytime. That was the first omen as to what the night had in store for us....

First Stop, Guinness bar on the Rue de Soif(Street of Thirst). A place to have a jolly drink with friends and family with lots of smiles and pleasantries going around. I settle down with a Guinness(Irish beer) and I'm all aloof, trying to look cool(which I must remind you is very difficult for Indian engineers to fake). So far so good. But then when I least expect it and least desire it, it happens. The automatic euro to rupee conversion engine starts revving in my head. Drink spoilt, mood spoilt......

Heading on, we amble through the streets of Rennes at 1 in the night and reach our next destination. Second stop, "Pym discotheque".

At the entrance, stands a bouncer whose steely looks makes no qualms about the fact that he means business. I flash my laminated International student id card(purchased from STIC travels for 250 rupees) on his face. I expect his stern demeanour to vanish at the sight of it. Not Happening. So I ask him in broken French "Gratuit pour etudiant ?" (Free for student?) and then beam at him with my biggest smile. He just continues looking through me.... and then comes the dreaded "No, €10". DENIED....!! As we walk away from disc ,dreams of great wealth and grandeur start flooding me. :( :(

Anyway, Kamaldeep suggests we try a disco that IS free for students. So that brings us to our third and last stop, Cafe Musique.

At the door stands an acolyte. A big black one. He says something in French, the gist of which means "Get Lost"--- Tonight happens to be couple entry only. We all look at each other and we know what to do. Luckily,the Bretagne region in France has a skewed sex ratio in favor of the fairer sex. So all of us suddenly transform into casanovas. Gaurav strikes first with a French Indian chick, ;) . Strangely, the acolyte has a good memory and throws us out again... DENIED...!!!!

As we dejectedly head back to the hostel, all I want to do is sleep.

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Adidas said...

how right how right :D indian engineers in france :D sad story :D tsk tsk :) nice post :)