Saturday, October 4, 2008


The buzz near my ear was seriously irritating me. I swear, I hate mosquitoes. By now, a layer of sweat had formed on my face, which somehow encouraged me to sweat even more. The buzz reached a crescendo. Ok enough! the mosquito had to die. Whack..!!!... ya, it's dead. A feeling of satisfaction came over me, that me temporarily revel in the glow of this terrible blackout.

My room was getting too stuffy for my liking, so I went out to the verandah. The 3 AM moonlight greeted me, with a certain sense of foreboding. All around me the trees were bathed in the dim light. I was feeling lonely all right. I placed myself on the verandah wall and thought no thoughts. Just this nagging feeling of wanting to sleep. Images of the previous day and the day to come flitted before my eyes. 3AM is a very wierd time. It's not yesterday nor today nor tomorrow. Well I just remained. thinking no thoughts.

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preeti said...

Hi. nice read. Even I suffer from occasional phases of Insomnia :) cheers :)