Thursday, August 14, 2008

What is Happening in Kashmir?

My daily dose of news comes in the form of newspaper delivered with a loud thud. This is my cue that the day has started and the world has indeed turned a full circle. Lately I just don't feel like getting up and reading the news. It's not because of my laziness, I'm simply afraid of what I might see. Violence is everywhere. Bomb blasts, genocide in S.Ossetia and now riots in Kashmir. Seriously, what the hell is going on in the garden on top of the world?

I'm a proud Indian, I have enormous faith in the army and I'll stand by every decision they take. However, I can't help but draw parallels in history. Whenever, the indigenous people of a region are genuinely pissed, change happens. Trying to stop the rising tide of change by imposing martial law and killing innocent civilians is never the solution. Such a scenario is only going to have violent repurcussions. The founding fathers of our country have always told us to tread the path of peace and non violence. Even happenings in Palestine, Iraq and Vietnam have have shown us the prolonged effects of the use of force. I sincerely hope that an amicable solution is found to whatever it is that the people of Kashmir are upset about and that the violence ends soon.


Tazeen said...

whatever you have written actually makes a lot of sense

Ash "AshTray" Divay said...

The issue started recently. Things had really improved. The new "Stone Pelter" tactics being used by ISI to cause trouble in Kashmir. What is the security personal to do when 50 young men with stones attack them and threaten to lynch them ? If someone tried to Lynch me ,I would defend my life. Even if i have to shoot a few of them.