Friday, August 30, 2013

Blood lust love - Bats

What does a  chugging a full gallon of milk have to do with bats ? Not the slightest clue ; but apparently that's what my dream plays in my head while I have the blood sucked out of me by my vampire friend. 

She came unannounced in the dead of night. Through a secret crack only she knows where. She thought me a tad lonely and offered her savage company. She flew to the rooftop, hovered in silence and observed in bloodthirsty anticipation.  I slept a pleasant sleep, callously comfortable and blissfully unaware.

She was hanging out in my bedroom
She liked what she saw, she licked her lips. She told herself it was now time to feed. She swooped down below, quiet as the night and perched softly by my naked feet. She drooled her anaesthetic, she spared me the pain. She drew her fangs, as sharp as they come. There was blood, but not a drop wasted. This continued on, for god knows how long. I lay peacefully;  in my blissful ignorance.

This is where she made love to me

I thought I heard something move.  I looked at the watch -  2:30 AM. Thoughts can be groggy, at such times of the night. Something seemed odd, I couldn't quite tell. I turned on the lights. Still nothing.  Still no idea of the carnage that had transpired. I got up nevertheless, and took a small walk. She hid in the corners, too ashamed to admit her lust. The guilt eventually got the better of her and she made her appearance. A bewildered me ran for cover, while she flew her sorties, banking and turning, all around my little room. She was not welcome, I made it clear. But she would not leave, she demanded her rights ; You and I are in this together now, she exclaimed.  She was inconsolable, she wanted a relationship. A one night stand is all I could offer. So she left and it broke her heart.

A day has passed, a day spent in the hospital. Getting injection after injection, inoculation after inoculation. I am petrified to fall sleep. Lest she find me again, vulnerable as ever, the love of her life.

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