Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The melody of Edith Piaf

Dear Reader, I will label the last week, the "Edith Piaf" week. Last weekend, I was re-arranging my music playlist when I couldn't resist playing "La vie en rose" one more time. I closed my eyes as the melody swept over me. In fact, I am listening to her as I write this post. One thing lead to another and I spent the whole weekend listening to her. Googling about her life, I found that there was a movie about her. Are you kidding me?? What a find..! So I spent most of Monday watching the movie and listening to her music again. Her story is one of the rags to riches type, meteoric rise, drugs, sex, alcohol, heartbreak followed by deep depression. Yes, you can hear it in her songs too. So, I've been pretty much been soaking in the emotion of her songs in the last few days. Guess what, I went down to the coffee place at work today and there she was, playing in the foyer. Apparently, the server at Tazza loves her music too and she played the full 'Best of Edith Piaf' album. Bliss...!

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