Monday, March 7, 2011

Clouds of darkness

What is the reason behind my reluctance in posting blogs ? It is certainly not because I am too busy to type a few lines every week. Nor is it because of a lack of things to say. It might be due to the reason that I am finding my thoughts to have been transformed into an increasingly dark nature. Some of these thoughts relate to god and to the human race. They are certainly not populist thoughts. They are not yet mature enough to be disseminated to others. I am sure there are others in my plight. Others who have been tormented much more than me. Many were driven to madness and others to depression. Am I in a dark place in my life ? Certainly not. I am more awake, aware and more lively than every before. At times, I feel this urge to pen down my thoughts and post it. But not yet, Not yet. My ideas are still embryonic. They need reinforcement from the great thinkers of the past. For which I am reading like never before. My ideas need an outlet for mass dissemination, for which I will create an agent and a story. The blog posts will return, but not yet.

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