Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Of crises

As far as uneasy feelings go, this is a new one for me. I first recognised it when I was sitting in a bus and I had nothing to do. Usually, I have a book for company but I forgot to carry one this time. My calm and peace were getting increasingly disturbed and after some time there was none. I needed to do something real bad. That something need not have been towards a productive pursuit, I might as well have browsed through the latest edition of Stardust magazine.

That's when I realised that I can't be content just sitting by myself. The full impact of this revelation about my persona took some time to adjust to. I wasn't always like this. There were many winter afternoons in Delhi, when I could just sit in the verandah doing nothing and be perfectly calm. That's what got me thinking, why is it so ? Maybe it's the education ? Maybe it's the media ? Perhaps it's the modern civilization ? perhaps it's the effect of my peer ? ..... and on and on, I kept thinking about all the possibilities, exercising my mind about why I can't sit quietly and think. Why is it so difficult to just wait ? .... and Hola, guess what, my destination arrived and I obliviously returned to my ways of doing stuff. It was only when I got some spare time again, and I started feeling uncomfortable again, that I got reminded of my thought exercise and decided to pen this blog.

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