Sunday, May 17, 2009

Senti Blog

Disclaimer : This is a senti blog. Be advised.

How long I have waited for this day to arrive. Now that it has arrived, somehow the sheen seems to have worn off. I wish I could feel otherwise but the truth is that I don't want to leave. I wish the end were somehow delayed.

I never thought that I would end up feeling this way. It's not that I am all steel inside. I am susceptible to the emotions of separation too. But, for NITT, never thought it would happen. Having spent the major part thinking of my undergraduate life as a passing phase, planning for the next better part, I thought leaving this place would be a breeze. That clearly wasn't the case. I'm surprised, that I couldn't see in plain view, how much of an impact these four years have had on me.

I learnt what true friends look like. I learnt that ragging is not such a big deal. I learnt how to keep my chin down. I saw extreme brilliance, total dedication, complete madness and true passion. I met people from all walks of life. I realised that it was OK to have an opinion. I realised that there will always be some people won't like you (god bless them) and there will be those who you can count on no matter what. I came a wide eyed boy and left slightly wiser.

I have no hesitation in proclaiming this an end of an era. Truly the end of an era. Everything will be so much different from now on. I have a PAN card, I am liable to be taxed. "You are an adult now", that's the message screamed at you from a million directions. Ya, I know it's all a part of growing up. And some of you oldies, who have been there done that, will be probably be quietly smiling to yourselves and thinking, "there goes another guy, getting all senti".

Well this is me. All senti.


Beautiful Mind said...

nice post !
my third year over and Im already sad abt having only one precious yr left before me.

Kolor said...

@ beautiful mind

ya i felt the last year was the best...! live it.

RR said...

nice da shubho

still miss college so much.

Kolor said...

Ya dude, leaving college is tough.

Dishman said...

I know its a senti blog. But Ill try to lighten things up with a


" U have not learnt to keep your chin down"...:P

Kolor said...

@ dish
beg to differ... corporate uncle

Sameen Borker said...

You know its really nice to read someone can feel that way...i had no emotion when my college got over. It's been hardly a month my exams are done n it's been very easy to leave it behind! I'm glad u didn't feel otherwise!