Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rich beyond $$$ - Part I

Everyone tries very hard to be rich ; or at least fantasizes about riches. I too wish to be rich and roll in the green carpet of $$$. Won't it be just fine to have a palatial Victorian era house ?  A couple of golden retrievers prancing around in the well manicured gardens ? How about stepping out from a Bentley in casual yet trendy golf attire. However, I am much too aware of my own fallibility in the face of "Hedonic Adaptation".  Put simply - "I get bored of eating the same cake". 

So what, you might counter ? You can always find the next thing that entertains you. Isn't that what rich people do ? Sure, and such is the end game of richness for most middle class citizens.  However, I am interested in being truly rich. Rich beyond my wildest imaginations. Not a shallow sort of richness that comes from owning one thing after another. Flitting in cold sweat trying to fill the existential vaccum of modern consumerist society. Such fake richness is mere slavery ; bonded to the chains of material possessions. 

Aha! You have a solution you say. Invest in life you say. Live a little you say. After all we only live once - YOLO!  How about taking that trip to Rome ? How about that whale watching cruise near Seattle ? How about that Broadway musical ? The cirque de soleil show ? How about that pub crawl in downtown SF? This fancy ale ? That wine and cheesing tasting ? Thai ?  Mongolian? Ethiopian ?... Excellent. I think you nailed it.

Still something nags me. Something doesn't seem quite right. Something that creeps up my spine while driving along Highway 101 ; after  an evening spent doing yuppie things. Something that gently scratches away in a little corner of my mind while the rest of it is engaged trying to plan the next weekend fun experience. I still feel quite trapped. Did I just substitute owning "things" with owning "experiences" ? 

..... More about true richness to follow in Part II ..... (Yes, it involves running but other things mostl )

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