Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chennai WTFeries

Home is in the port city of chennai which can be both humid and hot. After a long flight from JFK strapped in a tiny airline seat I was itching to go for a run. Jet lag helped me wake up early in the morning, I strapped on my shoes, grabbed my hand held water bottles and off I went for a run. I  was glad to be running in the beautiful IIT campus and I was grateful to my parents for choosing a location so close to great running.

Hardly had I gone a mile and I felt sapped. I was sweating bullets and my core was overheating rapidly. I soon realized that running in Chennai is way harder than the milder weather in Pittsburgh. I looked like I had jumped into a swimming pool. I was engaged in conversation with self and I told myself that this was training and it would make me stronger.

My soliloquy was interrupted by a random stranger on the sidewalk. He was a big, pot bellied, mustache wielding,  untucked-white-shirt-with-speckles-of-sweat-kollywood-villain kind of guy. He called out to me and said "Saaaar, Waaater". It took me sometime to process his request. He actually wanted me to give him a drink of water. Does he not see that I look like a science hydration project, drenched in sweat from head to toe ? Did it not cross his mind that between the two of us that he might not need the water as badly as I did ? I was amazed at the WTFery of the situation. It was so funny. Ofcourse, I had to give him my bottle.

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