Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The asking price

Dear reader, what is your asking price ? How much will it cost to make to you sit inside a room all day long and stare at a computer screen ? How much will it cost for me to buy your life away from you ? Well, what is your price ? If it's hard to put a number on the dollar figure, perhaps lets rephrase to make it more tangible. Is it such that you can have a nice car and a house ? Is it all so that you have enough to take care of your aging parents ? Maybe it's enough so that you can stockpile enough to finally pursue that dream of yours without worrying about money ? Well how much is it ? $80K annually ? for the bankers amongst us maybe $200K ? Let's throw in a few million for the budding Zuckerbergs.

Everyone has an asking price at which they sell their soul. Poor desperate people sell for a single vote, others need dollar denominations. But dear reader, I digress. Let's stick to the topic of me buying your life from you. You may rationalize and reason, that you do it for your survival. You may even create weekend hobbies to distract you. Some may even say that they like their job. Ofcourse, everyone compromises. In this competitive world, no one can have it all. But, wait until you hear the best part. Do you know what I am going to do with your life I just purchased ? I am going to use it to buy your kid's life too.

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