Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swing voting

I can't seem to put my finger on it, but I can sense there to be a connection between swing voting and dire need. Swing voting and facebook. Let me elaborate ...

29% of immigrants identify themselves as independents when compared to 18% of native born Americans. Latino voters are known to exhibit swing behavior during elections depending on who the candidate is and what he/she is offering. This is in contrast to the strong partisan politics exhibited by native borns.

I sense that this happens when a person/ community has a basic need that is yet to be fulfilled such as overcoming poverty, getting jobs, a sense of security/ belonging. You go to whoever gives you the carrot at that time. Is this good in the long run for the community ? certainly not. But when your biggest concern is meeting today's needs, there's not much choice, is there ?

What about facebook? Facebook, twitter, etc.. are only one of the few manifestations of our generation's chronic attention deficit disorder. The pricelessness of now is fatal to the sense of loyalty, sacrifice, etc.. So much about that.

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Vikram The Prodigal said...

You certainly started somewhere and ended somewhere different. All at the fag end. Beautiful trip to cramps. Nice write.